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looking at gain charts on Winegard site the 7698 doesn't show dbgain for channels 2,4 and 6....but the 8200 does. If you can explain why much appreciated.
That's because the 8200 is a 2-69 antenna and the 7698 is a 7-69 antenna (it has no extra-long, 6-10', elements).

Wondering why no comment to HD stacker antenna ot 8200u
No one here that knows about antennas buys into Denny's sales pitch for the Stacker.

Based on the broadcast channels in use in your area, you don't need low-VHF channel reception. W04BS and W03AM are repeaters for WCCB with is easily receivable on VHF channel 10. The other VHF signal shown on channel 4 is too low of power to be receivable. That leaves you with a requirement for a long range antenna that provides coverage for channels 7-51 (or 69).

You can probably get a bit better performance out of separates rather than a 14' long antenna on your rotor. The most common combo is the 91Xg plus a 10-element high-VHF unit from Antennacraft or, if still available, Winegard. Add a decent two-input, medium gain pre-amp like the Antennacraft 10G221 or the RCA pre-amp and that's about as good as you're going to get.
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