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Western Maine Reception

Here is the TV analysis for our place in western Maine mtns:

Key things I know is want to get more channels, we get NBC, CBS and PBS and a local news/weather station, want Fox and more. I believe we need rotator because wind and weather gets rough during winter in Maine and no one will be climbing on the roof to alter direction. (however if you experts out there don't think necessary please say so, $ can be better spent) Pre-amp needed and splitter for hook up to 3 tv's, one on each level of house.

Equip I have researched and want to know if right for this job are:

Wingard HD8200U antenna or HD Stacker.
Pre-amp have no opinion on.
Rotator I'm sold on Channel Master 9521A.

Any and all guidance SO appreciated. Want to order asap and get this up before the snow flies.
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