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Question Antenna Advice,Please

Location: Hastings,ON,Canada,K0L1Y0

TV Fool Report:

NOTE: when viewing my tv fool,click on 'all pending' to show update.

Rabbit Ears Info:

note: 27 now hd,site not updated,yet.

My current setup:

*Master Bedroom: JVC Iart 30" CRT TV -1 HDMI,2 Component,Svideo,Composite
*Living Room: Sony Bravia 46" LCD 1080P Full HD

*Channel Master 2016HD on Camera Tripod on 2nd floor,2 way 10 db booster,54 ft cable to Living Room TV and short cable to JVC set.


12 -CBC-CHEX -Peterborough,ON,WNW,286 deg. mag,16.0 miles -100%
(upgrading to HD in Spring)
27.1,2-Global-CIII-Peterborough-SW-221 deg. mag.,18.9 miles -86%
(for some reason SD is 10.2[phy:27] "TEST002")
35.1 -CTV-CFTO-Peterborough-NW,300 deg,mag,29.9 miles -70+%

The only other local station is TVO in SD,east of Belleville,ON,ESE 101 deg,mag,37.5 miles
(nearest HD=Toronto SW 260 deg. mag 84.5 tropo)

I realize:

1)Need to mount TV Antenna(s) outside
2)Keep it simple
3)Need to get DTV Box for upstairs.I'm leaning towards Channel Master cm-7001.
4)Leaning towards Epvision PHD-VRX+ USB HDD for downstairs
5)Antennas need an upgrade -prefer to avoid rotor,if possible.
6)Need more signal on 35.1
7)Would be nice to get Rochester,NY!!!

*No matter which way I turn the antenna I still get 27.1 Global @ 275 kw! ie: ESE,it comes in at 70%.Lucky

*Have to stay pointed NW 300 deg. mag.,or lose 35.1(must narrow beam xmssn) .If I point SW,I get 27.1 @ 90% and,of course 12 still comes in,but no 35.1.

Could I do:

2 x cm2016HD mounted horizontally on west wall,6 ft apart?
2 x CM4228HD,or DB8?
Without A/B switch?
Preamp,or no?
Is Chimney Mount bad?

If I point 1 ant. sw,I might get Buffalo,NY,ie: 23 WNLO @1,000 KW(my folks west of me get it!),but what about 27.1 Global TV Network being so strong?

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