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As a Test of reception , starting a 50 feet antenna height above ground.

Install a , Antennas Direct , DB8e , UHF channels 14 thru 51 antenna.

Aimed at about 181 degree magnetic compass direction.

Here is how to aim antennas ,

Use a Real and Actual magnetic compass to aim antenna , do not trust a , cell phone , tablet and etc. compass.

As always a antenna aim direction and location can be adjusted for best reception.

Most Digital Tv's have a Signal Strength Meter and some Digital Tv's also have a Signal Quality Meter.


Install a ,

10G201 preamplifier.


Here are some ways to get the antenna higher above ground.

Use the , ronard (712-50-10) . Installed above the peak of the roof.


Home Depot has , 10 foot - 6 inch , 1 and 3/8 inch diameter , TOP RAIL chain link fence PIPE , make good antenna mast and is low cost at about 12 dollars.


Here are , Free Standing , Light Weight Aluminum , Lay Over Towers.

Do antenna installation and adjustments , standing on the ground.


Locate the DB8e antenna so as to Avoid aiming the DB8e antenna into trees and tree leaves and other obstructions. The signal strength is Weak so do not make the signal even weaker.

The clearer the path to the transmitter the better reception will be.


The Only Way to find out if Reliable reception will happen is to install the antenna Up High and see what happens.

I think reliable reception will happen , however the only way to find out is.

The DB8e is installed as a dedicated antenna to receive ION Networks.

And Other Tv stations will also be received also.


A Separate Tuner/Tuner Recorder will be used to receive ION and what other channels are received.

The DB8e Antenna System is a Separate Antenna System and Is Not Connected To The Other Antenna System.

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