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The cheap, Chinese imported antennas like that are generally flimsy, the amp overloads easily,the rotor breaks quickly, and they are generally a case of you getting what you pay for.

If you want reliable reception of channels that actually operate on low VHF channels 2-6 also, you need an antenna with wide elements on the back end, generally up to about 9-10' in width. That means an all-channel combo for most folks. The RCA, as well as most smaller, compact antennas, were not designed for low VHF as there are very few full-power stations that utilized those channels, roughly 40 in the whole country.

Look for an antenna specified for operation of channels 2-51 or 2-69. Channel Master, Winegard, RCA, and Antennacraft are your best choices. Most will also perform well on FM. Such antennas are BIG, but this is a case where size does matter.
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