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No signal; preamp needs replacing?

Back in the fall of 2014, the good folks of this forum helped me get together an antenna (HBU44) and pre-amp (TVPRAMP-1R) setup that has provided excellent service...

...up until one day earlier this year, when I went to turn on the television and there was no signal--zero trace of anything on any channel.

(I'd meant to deal with this problem a bit more promptly, but this has been a crazy time.)

I suspect that the pre-amp has finally given out...which would be understandable, as it's been five years and change, a real good run for that inexpensive unit.

I would very much appreciate a little guidance as to:

a) Should I do any particular testing or investigation before going ahead and ordering a new pre-amp?

b) Should I just order the same unit again (looks like it is still on Amazon, but for $10 more than I paid last time) or consider getting something different?

Thanks again to the members of this forum for the previous help, and for still being here in 2020.

(Prior thread is here, in case it is of any help:
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