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I have done some quick searching and it appears that DVRs having OTA capability are at least $200, more likely $300. And it is not at all clear that they can do internet. I realize that this is an unlikely combo to request, but a guy can drream.


This TV is about 12 years old. It is on its way out (remote does not work, volume only goes so high, on/off buttonbarely works) I should probably just go with it fr now and when it finally dies (or our debt is reduced enough and I can't stand the TV any longer) buy a new digital TV; probably without internet built in, and get a DVR with internet.
A 12-year-old TV set today will not feed the bulldog. This forum is dedicated to OTA TV. To receive OTA on a TV today, you need a digital-to-analog converter or a digital tuner. DVRs come largely in two flavors--DVD recorders with ATSC[/Clear QAM] tuners and HDD-based recorders. You may find several models of the former from various manufacturers. Of the latter, the best is probably the Channel Master CM-7000PAL. It features dual ATSC tuners that can record two programs simultaneously. It has an inactive Ethernet port that is reserved for future use.

That said, you should seriously reconsider your expectations of an Internet connection for a DVR. Internet connections for home entertainment devices are now used primarily for viewing streaming content, not time-shifting content. Many TVs now have Internet connections along with built-in support for content sources such as Vudu, Pandora, and NetFlix. Apple removed the hard drive from its AppleTV. Similar boxes from competitors like Roku also concentrate on viewing streaming content rather than playing back recorded content.

If your primary interest is in viewing content that you downloaded, then you had been make your purchase soon. The required equipment is fading into the sunset.

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