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Originally Posted by GrounUrMast View Post
After scanning through the comments you linked to, I came away with the impression that many people have the misconception that grounding without bonding is sufficient.

My take away from such examples is that any added ground rod that is not properly bonded to the rest of the system will leave people with a false sense of security.

The bottom line is, an isolated ground rod can never be depended on to do the job of of a properly sized bonding conductor... The resistance of a lone ground rod is nearly always too high for it to serve as an effective part of a bonding connection.

In the end, I'm not on a crusade to check everyone's antenna ground/bonding. I make references to the code because I believe it's based on sound reasoning and many real world case studies. My conscience wont allow me to recommend grounding/bonding methods that don't meet the minimum standards specified in the code in your area.
Well said; my feelings exactly on the subject of grounding.
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