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OTAFAN, I'm glad you asked about this and don't think you were wrong to pose the question in the help with reception area of the forum. Just trying to maintain some organization

Thanks, GroundUrMast. But I get it. I wasn't aware of this thread before you directed me to it and as a Moderator you were doing your job--something I would not be qualified for and I appreciate your efforts in said position.

Details of tests in attachment.
Wow, I would really like to visit rabbit73s laboratory! May I come to Virginia and hang out with you, Bro???

Ok.....after rereading several times this thread plus today's additional posts by all you fine Techs, I think I have a better understanding of this rather complex or multifaceted subject. I would not debate the NEC since as Mr. Spock has said in the Star Trek movie franchise, "That would not be logical."

However, there appears to be some variance given for particular situations that just cannot match up with that pristine house antenna grounding diagram, that rabbit73 posted from the NEC. I wish all homes were set up to match the diagram. It would make things quite easy.

But many homes do not fit that easily into the diagram. And after reading many posts across the Net and discussions with neighbors and friends here locally, the preponderance of opinion seems to come down to, "follow the NEC as much as is practical, but if you have to make some variance do it."

For instance, you can peruse the comments from posters below on this Amazon link:

I think these folks probably represent many OTA enthusiast's across the country and for better or worse, we need to offer not only the law, or NEC in this case, but the smartest and safest options available, IMHO.

Now, there were several key points that GroundUrMast, Tim and others kept repeating in this thread. And BTW, I agree with them. Among them were keeping your antenna system grounded outside your home, separating your mast grounding from your coax and tying them both into your service entrance ground so as to keep the electrical potential resistance as low as possible. I hope I'm understanding this correctly guys, and I'm sure there was other important points too. Like I previously mentioned, I'm no tech or electrician but I think I have a fair amount of common horse sense, no offence to horses! LOL!

However, as previously mentioned above, not all if many home situations match up to the NEC. So, what is your best advice?

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