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Here's an update.

Installed the PA 18 preamp on the Channel Master. Already had one on the DB8E.
Used the combiner that I had on hand from Antennas Direct.
Connected to the CM distribution amp and got stations without the interference.
Tried without the distribution amp and lost many stations.
Re-connected the distribution amp.

I get every station available except WPGH 53.
Had a couple rainy days and that affected my reception.

Since I have now received my UVSJs, would there be any value in trying one of them in place of the Antenna Direct combiner?

I think I'm about as optimized as I can for my location unless there are other suggestions.

Thanks to everyone for all the generous, patient help.

TV Fool is a fantastic resource and this forum, with all the great people, is a true asset for techno-dunces like me.

If there is some way I can support this or contribute a little something to the ongoing upkeep, please let me know.

I still have some spare UVSJs if anyone needs some
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