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Ok channel master&johansson amp

Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
Pete Higgins gave a report of his LNA200 tests on another forum. He wasn't any more impressed with its performance than ADTech was: it's an OK preamp, but not as good as Winegard says it is.

The Kitztech KT-200 has a low noise figure that might improve the reception of weak signals, but it is not likely to make your signals stronger. If you buy it, get the KT-200 with the outdoor enclosure.

I am planning to make some tests, if I have the time. My concern is about the voltage to the preamp since it uses a 5V power supply. A long coax run might cause the voltage to drop too low for proper operation.

I tested the CM7777HD for voltage drop. It can go as low as 4V measured at the preamp. I don't like the enclosure for the 7777HD; it doesn't seem like a good design for outdoor use. I use it indoors as an instrumentation amp for testing.
With the channel master amp/the Johansson amp kit 24 volts.With it's uhf/vh f
Witch one of those amp's tested too WIN the best AMP too use or is it the hi price blonder toung AMP ??
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