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Originally Posted by bobsgarage View Post
Hi all, I was just wondering whatever happened with this thread?, It just seemed to die off. AD Tech offered some real world testing results and his opinion, which we value here.

Pete Higgins is a enthusiast, and I know he must have done the testing that he was planning to do. I'm just wondering how it turned out?
Pete Higgins gave a report of his LNA200 tests on another forum. He wasn't any more impressed with its performance than ADTech was: it's an OK preamp, but not as good as Winegard says it is.
I am presently using a LNA 200, but plan to do some testing. I want to get a Kitz Tech pre-amp and see if it will add to my signal strength, what I read it would be helpful addition to my set up I am working on right now.
The Kitztech KT-200 has a low noise figure that might improve the reception of weak signals, but it is not likely to make your signals stronger. If you buy it, get the KT-200 with the outdoor enclosure.

Also, has anybody else to used this Winegard LNA 200 ?
I am planning to make some tests, if I have the time. My concern is about the voltage to the preamp since it uses a 5V power supply. A long coax run might cause the voltage to drop too low for proper operation.

I tested the CM7777HD for voltage drop. It can go as low as 4V measured at the preamp. I don't like the enclosure for the 7777HD; it doesn't seem like a good design for outdoor use. I use it indoors as an instrumentation amp for testing.
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