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A winnegard u8200 would also get low band VHF real channels 2-6 but much larger and more difficult to manage on rooftop. Frankly I have had better reception for the UHF band from separate UHF antennas than the combined one piece UHF VHF antennas.

I would try the stellar labs VHF if it works try a separate uhf to combine with it and choice would depend on which UHF channels and directions you desire. A directional high gain antenna such as the db8 or XG 91 may get more UHF channels but may have to use rotor or multiple antennas in different directions since you have many channels at about 130 and 240 degrees but the 240 degree channels are fairly close and strong and might be able to receive with directional pointed at 134 degrees and may even help by preventing over amplification of the 240 degree channels.

Here is a link to the dennys hd stacker which is relatively compact
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