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I am on a quest to optimize my reception.

Commercial antennas mostly leave me cold, the manufactures have a vested interest in hiding the flaws/weaknesses of their designs and seem to excel at saying almost nothing in a way that makes their antenna sound like the Arecibo dish even though it maybe a small uhf loop with a pair of rabbit ears.

I know it's not limited to antenna makers, "lying with statistics" is very common now days and the ones doing the misleading don't seem to suffer any repercussions.
In short I think I can design and build a better (for me) antenna. Sturdier because I don't have to worry about shipping it, and better suited to the conditions where it will be used.
I started modeling to get dimensions from models others posted, and to see how complicated the program was to use.( had heard it was complicated )
After poking around for awhile and trying out the samples it didn't seem that complex.
Then became enamored with the whole, room full of engineers with slide rules
would take weeks to do what my desktop could do in 10 minutes power trip.
Now my curiosity is what drives me to model. Always what if ...
Rhombics caught my attention early on and some of my first models were rhombic designs. But ~12 foot models I considered performed lower or equal to the improved GH designs.
I guess I'll soon start a thread in reception help (not for antenna advise but to ask about amps)
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