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Re. the Quad Stack 9-WL ver 1.0, my motive has been one of learning how to use 4NEC2 and investigate the possibility of using a Rhombic to pursue a single weak UHF signal.

It's becoming obvious that using phasing lines (transmission lines connected as quarter-wave transformers) to combine the four sections introduces enough tuned elements to the system so that one can only hope to get 1/3 to 1/2 of the UHF band covered while keeping the SWR under 2.0.

Hybrid combiners generally offer much greater bandwidth but introduce losses that would reduce the overall gain of the system to the point that a dual stack would out perform. So now I get to go on a quest for a 'lossless wide-band combining network'.

Re. broadband versions, I have briefly looked at the VHF performance of 1 and 2 Lambda/Leg UHF rhombics. I've got real channel 13 & 14 to the SW of my location and would like a modest gain broadband antenna dedicated to those two signals. @ ghz24, Are you looking for something similar?
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