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Four easy ways to find mobile DTV at CES

While the Las Vegas Monorail has a top speed of only 50 miles per hour, the new Mobile Digital Television standard has been tested to receive digital TV broadcasts on bullet trains traveling up to 180MPH.

This week at CES, more than 20 different Mobile Digital Television programs are being broadcast and the industry's first consumer devices to receive the new transmissions are being unveiled. Setup is now underway at the Open Mobile Video Coalition’s "Mobile DTV TechZone" inside Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Manufacturers are beginning to make their product announcements, and you'll find more than a dozen Mobile DTV products on display in the Mobile DTV TechZone, including netbooks equipped with Mobile DTV; Battery-operated portable Mobile TV Sets; USB Receivers for Laptop computers; a unique Wi-Fi device that receives Mobile DTV and beams it to iPhones, BlackBerries, and Laptops; and prototype Cell Phones with Mobile DTV. You'll also find demonstrations of the new Mobile DTV standard's Electronic Service Guide and Interactivity capabilities.

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