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"What about all the fabulous programming on Canadian channels?"

There doesn't seem to be any big changes on the Canadian side. CTV affiliate CFTO is moving from 9 to 8 and Global and the OMNI stations are moving from the 40s to the high teens. This shouldn't be a big deal since the CN tower is line of site for me and signals are plenty strong.

The Canadian programing isnt all bad. If you like PBS the Ontario version (TVO =TV Ontario) on channel 19 is pretty good with documentaries and similar programs . The OMNI channels have multicultural programs and I watch the Ukrainian shows . Star TV is a " pirate" station with some interesting local history shows.

"What will you watch when television becomes a streaming only

The big media companies in Canada would probably be more then happy to let OTA tv die but the CRTC won't let them.Personally I wish they'd make better use of the sub channels but they don't seem interested. Id try to market
OTA TV as a way to attract melenials to tv viewing ( free tv!) But they don't seem to interested in that either.
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