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Is that azimuth based on True North or Magnetic North?

Channel 15, CHCH, is 476 to 482 MHz, 291.4° True, 301.9° Magnetic
Channel 16, WNYO, is 482 to 488 MHz, 324.1° True, 334.6° Magnetic
Channel 17, CIII-41, is 488 to 494 MHz, 330.9° True, 341.4° Magnetic

Originally Posted by videobruce View Post
The outstanding problem is differential in signal level.

His response;
What the AVANTx cannot do is to balance a difference of 30-35 dB IN CASE OF ADJACENT CHANNELS.

The 2nd problem is the width of their electronic channel filters.
On adjacent channels, the width is the narrowest of the two widths presently available. Take a look at these attachments of ch 15 & 16 and the text in them. Note, This is the 'vestige (residue, so to speak) that is 'left over' from the carriers of those two channels.

To put things in perspective, look at the last attachment. That shows the level differences here.

Thank you for the careful thorough tests of the Televes Avant-X at a difficult reception location.

Excellent scans with the Siglent SA. What model is it?
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