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Originally Posted by mikecandu View Post

I took a look at the tvfool report for Guelph and you should definitely be okay for CTV Kitchener since it's in the green. CFTO is in the yellow so you might struggle with that because it's also VHF, or maybe not. One option if you can't get CFTO Is to buy the Rabbit Ears accessory antenna from antennas direct. That's what I use for VHF and I get both CTV stations.

You should also be okay for the Hamilton stations, probably without using a preamp. You'll probably need a preamp for some of the weaker Toronto stations.I think you'll only get Buffalo when the tropospheric conditions are ideal. I'd also look at getting a rotor because the angles between Kitchener, Hamilton, and Toronto are Wide.

Thanks, I'm wondering if the advice in the 2nd post here is still relevant regarding using a Winegard and pointing it 86 degrees east to attempt to get Kitchener and Toronto? Just flip flopping the idea that the winegard might be a better option for me

I have a CM7777 pre-amp, so good to go there
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