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Originally Posted by wado66 View Post
Got to checking my eaves and I do not have adequate support. Just 1X boards.
Having to rethink the whole process.

I think a simple Tripod either 3', 5' or 10' is your answer. Your roof is pretty high, so a 5' Tripod with a 10' mast would not be too gaudy. I think you could go 10 feet from the roof peak with out guy wires as long as you have a good solid tripod. I think that would get you at least 30' AGL.

Solid signal sells a 5' Skywalker Heavy Duty Tripod with dual internal braces at just less than $30! It has a fairly wide stance. I bought one just to have it, I thought it was such a great deal.

Blows away more expensive tripods and it much more stronger than a 3' tripod. here's the 5' tripod I'm talking about:

You can add a rotator, but keep the upper mast shorter, to reduce wind load on the whole assembly. Guy wires are awesome, but can be a pain to seal holes and line up the eye hooks with rafters.

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