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Thank you Rabbit
I sent another reply to you yesterday thanking you but somehow it didn't go through.

The information you provided certainly adds to what it is I needed to know.

I have two 8-bay collinear arrays stacked on top of each other aimed east to capture the Buffalo and Grand Island stations about 50 miles away. Decent signals for the most part with occasional drops outs due to weather time of day (or whatever). Those two are also using a preamp CM 7778;
one simple 4bay to Capture Toronto towards the north and another Yagi that aims west for a single station.
Presently the single 4bay is not hooked up, yet
Because I'm below an escarpment the western transmitter is hard to capture and it's only about 4 miles away. I do get it but a very weak signal.

When I bought a used 8 bay a weeks ago the mechanical properties of the used 8 bay were in terrific condition but the simple combiner that came with had fried due to a light lightning strike or eddy current. No burn marks anywhere but the coax wires inside the combiner popped like fuses.
I simply rewired as original and put it back in action. I do have more gain and adding the preamp certainly helps even more so.

I copied that concept to make a second combiner by stripping an existing two-way splitter and wiring the same as the original one.
So, right now, I have the western facing Yagi into one side of the combiner and the two eastern facing 8bays with a preamp to the other side of the combiner down by the TV set it self.

That's all that's active so far. My plan is run a third coax line from the 4-bay and create a 3 way combiner and hopefully capture an almost 180 degree signal pattern.

yes? No?

What would you advise?

Thanks thus far to all you guys.
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