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Oh, now you're referring to politicians at large . re the BS.

There're all kinds of design I'd like to play with mainly for those distant transmitters (and a I have a couple in mind). Problem is, at my age ,climbing that 40ft tower multiple times for a tweak here or a tweak there can play on your abilities.

I'm sure you've done some Youtube searches and those guys don't say much any differently than we read. Then we see the novices that don't really have a clue, poor editing and bad grammar.

The basics are obvious and I'm sure they have been mentioned a gazillion times on this forum. Height, directional aim, gain, good cabling and connectors and a longer list.

And, yes, you're correct. One manufacture will design and build an antenna that resonates best on one frequency only and the other frequencies are so-so, but they capitalize on the gain of that one frequency.
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