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Different styles, will perform differently, at different frequencies.
Some mfrs., just might be hand picking the results, that make their product out shine the rest.

One industry that has been pulling this BS for decades, is audio.
Some cheesy brands, will claim that their amps will put out say, 500 watts, when in fact, they're only consuming, maybe 200 watts max.

Yeah, we get bombarded by these BS claims, from the time we get up, 'til the time we go to sleep.
It's all in the way things, are worded and how much people accept it as reality.
It's also, pretty much the same words being used, over and over.
That and the fact, that nobody questions anything, anymore.

Stick w/ name brands and you should do OK. (Remember, I said:"Should" =D

The only true test, is for us to see how it performs, in real life.

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