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What's the difference???

I have seen a few various designs of 8 bay constructions. and they all have various gain factors.

Some of the more common 8 bay have the driven elements that look like simple wires, basically the thickness of coat hangers (I say that loosely).
I see other driven elements that have a more flattened appearance and then I have seen other 8 bays that have the flattened loop appearance. Keep in mind that these are all new and not the home made versions.

Of course every manufacture will put its twist on design to make its claim of the better antenna.
But, what part of the antenna actually determines the overall gain.

1) the number of driven elements can certain be a factor but right now I am referring to 8 bays only.
2) the design of the driven element, Wire bowtie, flattened bowtie or flattened loop.
3) all the spacing involved where the driven element sits with respect to the reflector and distance between elements.

I'm sure some one might com back and suggest that all these factors play a part of the overall gain. BUT, are there any particular factors that make for a high gain antenna. At this point I am not referring to construction differences because we have seen cheaply built antennas and we have seen well built antennas and those have an affect on price.

No, right now I only question what determines the gain?
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