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Here is the Federal Antenna Law that says Yes you can , install , use , maintain , antennas above the roof of the house. And can be installed up to 12 feet above the highest part of the roof. However like I say , 25 feet or so to begin with.

Install the CM2018 antenna above the roof with the Kitz Tech , high gain , Ultra low noise amplifier.

I think you will be suprized by what is received and a better antenna such the HD7084P antenna will do even better.

The Tv transmissions are very weak at your location , so a high gain amplifier is required.

And the Kitz Tech amplifier is Ultra Low Noise. All electronic circuits generate electric/electronic noise. The noise 'masks' the signal , so less noise means more usable signal. The Kitz Tech amplifier has the least amount of noise , compared to , Antennas Direct , Winegard , Channel Master and etc.

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