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Watch away

Hi MisterMe,
I thought the "but you might" pretty well defined that as subjective and an opinion. (the manufacturer posting the gain as 3.1 at 213 Mhz is not subjective nor an opinion)
And think that the c2v may well be the optimum antenna for you and lots of people it has lots of qualities like large beamwidth and at least it's not aimed at channel 69. The manufacturer does publish some actual useful data about their product. (always a plus)
BTW you did notice that he can't have an outdoor antenna right.
so size and hide ability may be high on airborndentists list of wants (we don't know) But the c2v is marketed as an outdoor antenna and it's almost 3 feet wide. And was only mentioned at all to point out that the clearstream 1, 2, and 4 don't have VHF
In short I wasn't inferring anything about you or other owners of this antenna.
If you'd like to discuss if less than a decibel is worth an order of magnitude increase in price then I think that subjective opinion is pretty easily defended.

Originally Posted by John Candle View Post
Teleview and I are watching and reading , ghz24. I am building a case just like you did on Nor7Cal7. Go on ahead and print the truth and see what happens to you. Or you can print opinions that do not mean any thing , it's safer that way.
I only quoted you so you can't delete the post I'm replying to. Again. but I'll reply back on the Nor7Cal7 Thread so I only have to apologize to him for hijacking his thread.
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