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Another entertaining evening for DXing here in central Ohio without even trying. At 11p I noticed my local CBS station from Columbus, WBNS-10.1 was pixelating. Never seen that happen before. I checked other local stations and they were fine. I scanned for new channels just for fun and came up with some new ones from out of state!
All the Dayton Ohio channels were there. These do show up from time to time and I'm now familiar with their call signs. Approximate distance 98 miles.
A new station, Fox 56.1, WDKY from Lexington KY, 208 miles. Also new WPBO-HD from Portsmouth, OH, 122 miles. And finally the long distance jewel of the evening, a CW station WBXX ch-20.1 from Anderson county Tennessee just west of Knoxville, 319 miles.
The 4228HD antenna is aimed at about 210 degrees as always. I just checked the tropospheric forecast and sure enough it shows a chance of activity.
Better stop playing with the TV and get to bed. I'll need all my strength to battle all that tryptophan tomorrow afternoon!
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