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looks like a biquad variant to me

I'm not an expert on consumer antennas but I don't think the clearstreams have much vhf gain if any. This site (which at least uses data derived from modeling and allows downloading the models used) charts the clearstreams on the uhf only chart. And antennas direct site states
"Optimized for the post 2009 UHFdigital frequencies. Designed for reception on core UHF DTV (ch 14-51)"
Since you can't go to an outdoor model I'd see if regular rabbit ears type antenna will pull in your vhf or if your into diy at all you could try this pretty simple folded dipole cut to about 63.3 inches(and you might be able to sneak it out a window and hide or obscure it). If you try rabbit ears optimum ones would fold down to horizontal and telescope out to the ~63 inch total width of channel 7's half wavelength.(some indoor antennas combine rabbit ears for vhf and a loop for uhf) Also if you aren't already, try to put whatever antenna you are trying in an east facing window. Foil backed insulation can block and reflect radio waves and cause multi-path problems (less breakup/pixelation).

groundurmast beat me by seconds
rabbit ears like the ant-111 are ~2.2 dBi
the c2v claims
Gain: 3.1 dBi at 216 MHz – VHF, 10.4 dBi at 670 MHz – UHF
So I wouldn't think it worth the extra price and space for less than 1 dB difference (but you might)
I'd try one like the RCA groundurmast mentioned first and see if you need more,

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