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Winegard 7698P in the attic?

To begin, thank you to everyone for the great advice that you have provided in the threads. I read a few hundred posts and I have the start of a plan. I wanted to post my plan prior to wasting hard-earned money and get some expert opinions as well.

I have a ranch style home with a standard plywood sheet roof and clay tiles. I have easy access to the attic and there is plenty of room to set up an antenna. There are 3 tall pine trees in my front yard and a large aspen tree across the street that block my direct line of sight to the Cheyenne Mountain towers. I attached my coverage map to the post to give an idea of what my view is. I was thinking about installing a winegard hd7698p antenna in the attic and then running the coax into the basement where I have a splitter already installed from cable. The signal would feed 3 HDTVs throughout the house.

If the antenna is the right setup, does anyone have any recommendations on mounting the antenna in the attic (ca. 3-4 feet of clearance)? Do I need to buy an amplifier to boost my signal?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Once again, thank you to everyone for passing on your many years worth of expertise.
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