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Pre-installation assistance

To begin, thank you to everyone in this forum for all of your excellent advice. I read a few hundred posts and have the beginning of a plan. However, I wanted to run it by the experts for advice prior to spending any money or wasting my time on a futile plan.

I live in Colorado Springs with this coverage map:

I live in a one story ranch with an easily accessible attic and plenty of space to set up an antenna. The roof is simple plywood with a clay tile roof. The line-of-sight to Cheyenne mountain will be obstructed by tall pine trees in my front yard and a large aspen tree across the street.

I want to set up a winegard hd7698p antenna in the attic and run my coax from the attic to the basement where I have a splitter already in place from my soon-to-be-removed DirecTV antenna system. I have considered an outdoor antenna mounted to the chimney; however, my wife is not happy with this plan unless I can find one that is invisible.

My questions are:

Do I need to amplify the signal?
Any recommendations on mounting in the attic (ca. 4 feet of clearance)?
Is there a better antenna? Rotator perhaps?

I am open-minded to suggestions as my plan is purely based upon supposition. Once again, I appreciate everyone's help.
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