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DXing Holiday in central Ohio

I had a DXing holiday this morning with several new TV channels, all from the west and southwest of my location. The furthest came from Lexington KY, 208 miles. Others were from Cincinnati, Dayton, and the oddball was from Kokomo Indiana which is almost due west, 182 miles. I have not changed the position of my antenna. It's still pointed at 210 degrees.
These channels came in solidly from 8am thru 11am. I got curious about how this happens and found Bill Hepburn's tropo maps.
The map for today clearly shows an increased chance of DX reception. I bookmarked the website and will keep an eye out for future tropo events.
What prompted me to do a scan was that I had no signal at all from ch 68.1 (real ch 12) from the north which I receive thru the back of my 4228HD antenna. This is normally a very solid channel that has no issues with drop out. Weird huh? A couple hours later it was coming back in again.
Sure reminds me of when I was a kid, playing with my uncle's shortwave radio and hearing foreign broadcasts for the first time.

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