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TSReader & USB tuner stick

About a year ago I used to play around with TSReader and VLC player. I used it to read info off of the OTA channels. I either am misremembering it but I swore it was reading off of my cheapo KWorld EDIT not kworld, that one is my rtl sdr dongle

my TV for ATSC is Diamond 750 "all in wonder" stick that Microsoft sells- to my laptop. Apparently I "imagined it all in a dream" because my stick, the only one Ive owned is not listed on TSReader site as supported hardware. This can't be as it is the only way I could have connected OTA TV to run on my laptop. I did do this, as I even showed it to Mr Analog King to show him how "neat" TSreader is (lite version, I would not have paid for the better version)

Since then I have reinstalled my OS on this laptop and apparently from much googling and searching for instructions on how I did it before, those instructions no longer exist.

I think rabbitears guy uses TSReader, is he on, and does anyone else use it with VLC player? How do you get it going? I don't have the muscle memory for it, I know it was very easy when I used it before, but it looks like either the version changed or something. I can't change channels on VLC player with the USB stick nor can I get TSreader to read off of the VLC player.

Hm any ideas on what I may have done before or how to get it to work now? do I need a different stick? and how does one use VLC player to change channels with USB stick, I dont like using the processor heavy Windows Media Center as it takes too long get it all going. any ideas

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