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Teleview, I was not confused about the channel label per se (but thanks for the information). I was just wondering why did you recommended a "VHF channels 7 through 13 antenna" if my UHF antenna picks up channels 10, 12 and sometimes 13. It seems unnecessary, that's all.

Okay... Back on topic, can someone please answer my specific questions about adding an amplifier?
  • Is the CM-7777 the best choice for my configuration?
  • If I use the CM-7777 what should I do with the FM trap?
  • Does the CM-7777 has an internal VHF/UHF switch? If so, what to do with it?
  • Should I be worry about overload because of some of the powerful signals I get?
  • Is there a power inserter like the PCT-MPI-1G with two ports? If so, should I use it to replace my current splitter?
  • Are there any other things to consider? (while keeping my existing configuration)

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