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Originally Posted by teleview View Post
I can assure you the recommendations are not generic.
The signals in the Red zone are Weak and require the antennas to be free of obstructions to receive the signals.
Your location has receivable Digital Tv stations/channels in the Tv bands of ,
UHF channels 14 thru 51.
VHF channels 7 thru 13.
Move the Winegard 8 bay UHF channels 14 thru 51 antenna to above the roof.
Also above the roof install a Winegard YA1713 , VHF channels 7 thru 13 antenna aimed at about 180 degree magnetic compass direction.
Combine the 2 antennas with a UVSJ = UHF/VHF Separator/Joiner.
And connect the CPA-19 preamp to the UVSJ.
In the , search box , type , uvsj .
Once again, thank you. I understand now that the recommendation were not generic and I'm sorry if I sounded disrespectful; it wasn't the case.

If you have a couple of minutes, could you please address my specific questions on the opening post? My antenna is in the attic and I don't plan to move it. Also, I don't want to add an additional antenna.

In the quote above, you mentioned "VHF channels 7 thru 13", could you please explain? How do this translate in terms of the signal analysis results that I posted? If it is the "Real" column, then it is very confusing, because I get 10 (10.1, TVA) and 12 (12.1, CTV). And like I said, I once got 13 (22.1 ABC).

My goal is not to get the best reception on all channels. I just want to improve a little bit what I already have. Above-the-roof is not an option for me. Hope you understand.

Thank you.

Stick da Chalk.

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