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Originally Posted by teleview View Post
What antenna does your antenna look the most like??
What is the model number of the Winegard antenna??
It is a Winegard HD-8800, here's an image from Amazon.

Originally Posted by teleview View Post
For reception of the Canada and USA [...]
Above the roof install a Winegard HD7698P antenna with [...]
Here is how to aim antennas [...]
Here are some places to buy antennas [...]
Thank you for the generic information, but I was looking for more specific answers to my questions in the opening post. Particularly, someone who can analyze/compare the signals power and distances and maybe recommend a course of action; I'm looking to add to my current configuration, not to completely replace everything.

My antenna is in the attic (it's been there for about three years) and I don't plan to move it or to replace it anytime soon. I understand that a roof-mounted antenna is probably needed to pick up red channels, but I have already picked up one of the red channels listed in my signal analysis without a pre-amplifier: ABC (22.1). And, since it seems to be a weaker signal than Fox (44.1), I am willing to try a pre-amplifier to see if I can pick up Fox (or other red channels). Also, I would like more stable signals from the yellow channels.

I really hope that someone can help me with my specific questions (six bullets in the opening post).

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