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Thanks for the help!

I was considering an RCA 751 on a J-mount mounted at gable eave peak, cable routed through the gable vent, as my cheapest external alternative.

A DB-4 could work in that location, but I'd need a taller J-mount.

I have a central chimney, near the roof ridge line. Strapping a mast to that would gain elevation, but I'd have to penetrate the roof to route the cable.

Any tips about that? There is about 5 feet of chimney exposed on the high side, so I could get the straps about 3-4' apart. What's a good mast length? I imagine the answer would vary depending on the mast material (galv ssh 40 pipe, galv mast sections, alum mast sections).

Also, I'd expect the best way to penetrate the roof with the cable would be with a flashed boot. Any tips on how folks generally handle that?

Thanks again for your help, and for any additional help.

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