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Antenna set-up. One line, two antennas?

Hey all!
I cut the cord wiith cable years ago and have always used an indoor antenna, which gave decent results. Recently I purchased a home, and the wiring is a mess, so I'm going to be redoing pretty much everything. I'm looking for some help though, so a little patience and help would be greatly appreciated.

I currently live between Milwaukee and Chicago. Here is my radar map

Zip code is 53406. The antenna(s) will be 20 feet or so above the ground on the roof. I am currently using a ClearStream2 and am going to mount it on the roof. I would be fine with just the Milwaukee channels, but I would love it if I could get a second antenna to pick up Chicago as well. A rotor is not an option.

Here is my idea: I'd like to set up two antenna connected to one line. I want to get an amplifier for the antennas to boost the signals. I would mount them on the roof and run the cable through the roof, where they would be split, with one running to the two upper bedrooms, and another to the downstairs living room and 3rd bedroom. What are your thoughts on the best way to do this? Recommended parts would be appreciated, as well as your thoughts on combining two antennas and amplifying both.

As I said, I'm pretty green here, so any advice at all would be fantastic. Thanks!
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