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Update: He received an antenna from another friend. I wanted to show a picture here, but I'm not sure how to go about it. He said he is going to get one of the antennas suggested here, but he just wanted to throw it up and see what he could grab. He messaged me a little bit ago and said he was receiving KTHV. He asked me where that was from. I told him Little Rock. He sent me a video to prove it. He was giddy. Lol. I asked if he was receiving any other LR channels since they are all, or most all, on the same mountain in Little Rock. Said he couldn't get anything else from down here and that he was receiving several from Springfield as well.

Here's what he's getting:

He said his antenna is at about 25ft and pointing in the general direction of Springfield. How in world is he receiving KTHV like that? Is the KTHV signal hitting the mountains and scattering and he just so happens to be able to grab hold of one?

He's very happy to be able to get something. This is very interesting!

Thanks y'all.

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