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Originally Posted by Tower Guy View Post
Scott produces a program on WXXI and publishes his own web site/yearly tower calendar with cool pictures. We saw each other on Wednesday!
I emailed him and got a good explanation of what is going on. I find it amazing that none of this info was available on any station's website -- or any other website for that matter.

One reason (I'm guessing) is that the amount of people watching OTA TV is so small that nobody cares. The majority of people I talk to who -- like me -- grew up with only OTA TV don't realize that it's still available and that it's FREE.

The public at large, apparently, has come to believe that cable/dish is like electric service: If you want electric you have to hook up to the service so, therefore, if you want TV you have to hook up to cable.

I've had conversations with people my age (69) who complain about their cable/dish bills. I've told them about OTA and it seems like they don't believe me.

Oh well, you can lead a horse to water . . .

At any rate, thanks for Scott's email.
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