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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
It's not that the VHF signals don't reach Ft Collins, it's more that it usually takes a physically larger VHF antenna to focus reception of those signals.

Many customers are adverse to the larger physical size of the VHF antennas so there is a strong bias towards UHF-sized antennas. When it comes to the buyers at the large retail chains (except home centers), they pretty much won't even consider a conventional stick antenna to put into their stores due to the space required.
I agree with you regarding user bias towards smaller UHF antennas and
retailers biased towards smaller packaging. My observation that the
report listed KMGH, KUSA and especially KBDI towards the bottom.
THAT is what I found to be strange. The TV Fool and Rabbit Ears reports
are guides and not gospel, not cast in stone as to their accuracy.
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