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Originally Posted by Badfish740 View Post
I'm watching this thread with interest as I am also "in the woods" west of NYC in New Jersey, but I'm 50 miles out in Northwest Hunterdon County. I don't want to hijack this thread so I'll start another in this forum, just thought I'd humbly ask anyone who is helping RMinNJ to take pity on me as well.
I hear you... I will say I was just surprised that I can get signal.. Im basically trying different antennas. I think at 50 miles a larger
antenna should a starting place. Or you can just pick up a smaller one and see what it brings in. The Stellar Labs I tried worked well for VHF...guys here are knowledgable.
Just getting a signal and then seeing where and how it comes in interesting...
I've been using a small TV that I can carry and plug in the different places I try.
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