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There were 2 on the shelf at ANT751r in a long box and the ANT751e in a shorter box.. I got the shorter box 751e.. From your thread on another site I should have gotten the ANT751r in the longer has more gain for ?? channels?
Yes, that thread was how I got my "feet wet" on this forum. Rabbit73 and others (sorry I didn't name everyone!), were very helpful in explaining its dynamics and why it has been such a good antenna for many folks across the country. And it was rabbit who pointed out that RCA is noted, unfortunately, for "downsizing" their newest version(s) of said antenna. That is, each time they add another suffix to the existing antenna, or latest version, they take something away from previous one due to "economics." In other words, cheaper not better. You can reread that thread and learn a lot.

So, if you can return the shorter box and pick up the larger one at Walmart, I think you might be doing yourself a favor. You seem to be getting close to achieving what you desire in OTA TV viewing, so I would recommend you continue a similar course and try to "nail it down." You still might have a few more "curve balls" thrown at you, but I think you're close to a "home run." Like rabbit73 has said many times, "you need to get up there on the roof and see what works; and your TV will confirm it."

Please keep us updated. Fingers crossed for your success.....

Here's the link to that thread:

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