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Weather and atmosphere give the illusion that things are working well?
Sometimes rain will improve your ground wave and reception will be better. I have seen that happen here at my location in SOCAL LA/OC. Although depending on how heavy weather conditions are, sometimes signals will lower too.

So if I were to put this little antenna higher on the eave it may be better?
Or would that introduce more noise from other signals .
I would defer to the other posters above who have given you their recommendations. But as a rule, higher is better depending of course, on your surrounding conditions. However, I've used the RCA 751 and it's a good antenna for moderate to strong signal locations and then some, amplifier improving reception at your location as you said. If it was me, I would continue to pursue your latest findings. I think you might find a more permanent solution, hopefully.

Sorry I could not be more helpful, but perhaps I've nudged you a bit further in the right direction. Looking forward to your next post.....
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