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atmospheric conditions?

Ok... still mucking around .. I picked up an RCA ANT751e and the tiny onn amp just for giggles.

Today it was rainy and cloudy... placed it on a ladder on the driveway. about 5 ft off the ground.

a.) Scanned all my locals i want ; UHFs 33, 28,44 an 7,11, 13 VHF..
and some other non-major ones..

b.) Connected it to my house cable with the ONN amplifier (so farthest TV
about about 100 ft of cable and 3 way splitter. Farthest TV scan; got all the channels I want; UHFs 33, 28,44 an 7,11, 13 VHF... like OMF...exactly what I want.

I will say it was not a perfect conclusion.. as the day cleared up the weakest channel on my report ; UHF 44 (fox channel 5 nyc) was dropping in and out. I would need to try it further up (will need a longer cable) to see if that strengthens 44..

Still for awhile it was like perfect success with a tiny little antenna. Questions

a.) So if I were to put this little antenna higher on the eave it may be better?
Or would that introduce more noise from other signals .

b.) Weather and atmosphere give the illusion that things are working well?

I did learn that even a small amp helps get the signal through the house cabling which was cool.

Thanks as always for listening.
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