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If you have a decent signal thats viewable with the short coax run I am sure you will be able to get an acceptable signal at the TV with an amplifier. Yes the RCA TVPRAMP has poor quality control etc but I believe there is also a switch that must be set correctly to work on the VHF input so make sure you check for that.
You can use most amplifiers such as the juice for VHF and UHF and it should work for the current setup (just make sure the amp states its for both bands of frequencies) . The problems can occur when you add a separate UHF antenna but want to combine the signals to one coax and they both require amplification.
You can combine the VHF and UHF but u can run in to problems with amplifying each that i won't get into now dealing with 2 different amps on antenna side of a combiner and powering them etc.
Another company that I have not personally used apparently makes a good quality one (Johansson). I would actually like to try one but don't have a need for it now. They have many models in their catalogue that can be a little confusing. I would call them and tell them you want an amp with VHF and UHF inputs to combine two antennas and see what they recommend.
I believe channel master used to make an amp with separate inputs and I seem to remember seeing where they may be offering a model now that does this.
Of course if not too inconvenient you can use two separate coax and amps and an A/B switch.
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