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Well, the C5 is rated for VHF, so I wouldn't expect to tune UHF on it. Joined to a DB4e with a UVSJ is a fine plan if you want to go in different directions. Don't expect anything from behind with those antenna's, due to their reflectors. In some scenarios, the reflector is removed to receive from opposite directions. But when it's in place, it rejects signal from behind while concentrating it in front.

You should be able to tune 34 & 44 - LOS and pretty strong for your location - but at the same time might be tough w/the DB4e.

As for dual 751's, I can't say. Sounds like a good opportunity for multi-path. The big brother DB8e can actually point in different directions for UHF. Others here could better speak to it's capabilities in your case.

I'd suggest playing around with some signals a little. You can build one or buy, which you could likely return later once you have a feel for what you want to ultimately go with. If you have an old pair of rabbit ears or a bowtie or hoop, you've got something to tinker with. It's exactly what I did the first time I realized, I could connect an antenna here instead of a dish receiver.
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