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Thanks for the reply

Winegard 8700 is the amp. Sorry, I should have known to put the actual model number. Doh!

Initially I had the antenna running through a splitter but before I bought the amp, I hooked the antenna straight into the tv tuner. No go.

I used my Ipad compass to find the right degree to turn my antenna. And its been pretty consistent in its direction. And once I picked up the KBSI signal at 299 (301 on the FCC site) degrees, I figured I was in the right direction . I've also rotated the antenna in several positions (both slightly North and slightly West) just to make sure my compass wasn't misleading me.

Without the amp I was getting a very weak KBSI 23.1 signal but with it, I am getting a strong stable signal.

I keep referencing the KBSI channel because I get it, and its in close proximity to the channel I can't get.
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