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Help with increasing reliability pls !

Hello Eveyone,

I'm new to OTA, having recently gotten a good deal on an Antennas Direct DB4, to which I also added a CM-7777 pre-amp. So far, things have been quite good, I am getting about 20 channels in all (list is below).

There are occasions where reception isn't good for some channels. My antenna is pointing 180 degrees magnetic (towards the USA) and I have had some trouble with my local channels and with Fox (Ch. 44), which is the weakest channel. It usually gets weaker late at night and cuts out, not sure why that is.

So given my location and setup, I'm looking for suggestions to increase the reliability and also for methods to troubleshoot a channel. I am tempted to think a second antenna pointing towards my local channels is what is needed, but I'm not sure and, I have read its quite difficult to do. I did get a DB8 and tried it as well, but it didn't seem to perform better than the DB4, it felt like the local channels weren't coming in as strong either, so I stuck with the DB4 (wider coverage is better in my case ?). I would love to get WVNY as well (ABC) but I think I would need a dedicated yagi for it...

I appreciate and suggestions or guidance !

Many thanks

My TV Fool report

Antennas Direct DB4 with CM-7777 pre-amp, 75ft+ cable run, 4 way splitter only 3 used, free slot is terminated.
Channels I am getting

3-1, 3-2
5-1, 5-2
15-1, 15-2
33-1, 33-2, 33-3, 33-4
44-1, 44-2
57-1, 57-2. 57-3

I should also add, after I had tested the DB8, and re-installed the DB4 I was having a really hard time with ch 6-1 (CBC) which I believe is the strongest signal around me. It would go from 92% down to 0, and bounce around up and down, cutting out. A few days later, I went up to adjust the antenna, and once everthing looked good, I zip tied the cable that runs from the balun to the pre-amp, keeping a rain loop, but no longer hanging straight down, it was closer to the antenna, closer to the mast. It wasn't putting a strain or anything on the cable, but just sort of "hugging" closer.

After that, I got zero channels - nothing came in at all. The channel scan couldn't detect a single thing. I went back up and cut the zip tie so the wire was hanging freely (still with a rain loop) but "standing off" the antenna and mast, and everything came back. Is this normal ? The wire must be kept away a certain distance from the antenna ?

And one final observation, I tested with the DB4, over my 75ft + cable run, no pre-amp direct to one TV and I get all the same channels listed above, but not Fox (ch44).

Many thanks again.
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