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oh ... I was just thinking that a normal calculation based on input height would be used or zero as a base .. then the script would increase that height by 1 foot until it came back with LOS for the station...

as in the user puts in cords
no height
starts with 0' edge2
2' edge2 ... 3' edge2 ... 4' edge2 ... 5' edge2 ... 9' edge1 ... 10' edge1 ... 11' edge1 ... 12' edge1 ... 28' LOS ...

then suggest to the user LOS starts at 28' for this station in your location

then do the next station .. LOS starts at 32' for this station...

get the whole list of them

but the runtime for the script would be extreme ...

maybe you could jump by 5 foot or 10foot increments then walk back

pass one zero feet edge2
pass two 20 feet edge1
pass three 30 feet LOS
pass four 25 feet edge1
pass five 26 feet edge1
Pass seven 28 feet LOS

or maybe if you start with edge2 you jump right up to the average height of a 2 story home whats that 25 feet then add 10 feet for a tall mast then add 10 more for a tower then return a I give up you need more than 50' tower in your area ... if you live in an apartment building please add your height to get better results...

and if you start with tropo you just say sorry please try for a better home location HA!

or something idk

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