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I'm messing with the 'Signal Diagnostics' for the Sony Bravia XBR 32".

For WKSO 29.1:
Physical Channel: 14
Frequency (kHz): 473000
Modulation : 8VSB
Status : Lock
Errors : 0
SNR (dB) : 19.22 (variable about 19.01 but goes from 16.8x - 19.9x)
IF-AGC (%) : 42
Interleaving : ---
Channel : Antenna 29.1
Current Level : 21 (variable)
Peak Level : 27 (variable)

When I check the numbers for 29.2 and 29.3 I get the same as above (except for the virtual channel number of course).

If I turn in to physical channels, e.g. 12.1 (physical channel 12, WKYMT 57.1), 51.1 (physical channel 44 WAGV 44.1) I get a similar chart for example:

For WKYMT 57.1:
Physical Channel: 12
Frequency (kHz): 207000
Modulation : 8VSB
Status : Unlock
Errors : 0
SNR (dB) : 0.00
IF-AGC (%) : 55
Interleaving : ---
Channel : Antenna 12.1
Current Level : 0
Peak Level : 0
'No Signal'

Trying these different physical channels that theorectically could be available the only variable (besides the obvious frequency and channel names/numbers) so far has been the IF-AGC (%) on 29.1 it is 41% or 42% on the other channels I've tried it has varied from 51% (phy 51.1 WAGV 44.1) to 59%. For physical channels that shouldn't even have any possiblity of signals like phy 2.1 I get between 45% - 49% and for phy 69.1 I get 54% - 55%.

What do you guys use to 'tune' into possible signals? I'm not even sure what this IF-AGC% means. Of course the Sony TV has it's own software that I can't or wouldn't want to change.

I do have a ATI All-in-Wonder HD 2400 HDTV Tuner (I run the antenna through a 18 dB booster before splitting to the ATI card & the TV) available if you guys are aware of some freeware software that folks is using as a means to search for and fine tune signals. Is there any software for these cards out there that give a technical look into all the signals they are measuring and tuning into to tune a signal?
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